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International moving

An international move is a series of steps. If you don’t approach the process one step at a time, the details can get you down.

Our International Relocation Guide will show you each step and lots of details. Simply fill out our “Request a Quote” form or call us to get a copy. You’ll also get information packets from us with insights on everything from customs regulations to electrical standards. Throughout the process, Suncoast Moving and Storage Inc. will address rules and regulations on your behalf and remind you of your responsibilities.

You’ll see how our experience can make the relocation an efficient, organized, trouble-free experience for you.

Here are just a few areas where our experience can help you:

Loading air shipments. It begins with a complete inventory of everything and an accurate description for customs. For air shipments, we bring tri-wall containers to your home ranging from 10 to 100 cubic feet. The air shipment is sealed at your home and stored in our warehouse until an ACI air carrier takes it to the airport. From there, it is flown to your new city, picked up by your destination agent and stored or delivered to your new residence.

Shipping. We work closely with our contacts all over the world. We’ll review all shipping documents – airway bills, ocean bills of lading, inventories, insurance certificates, etc. – and select appropriate means to truck your shipment to the port or airport of embarkation well before the departure date for your air or ocean shipments. During each part of the shipping process, details are monitored and tracked on our computer system.


Legal requirements. Laws, requirements, restrictions, measurements and customs are different in different countries. Throughout the Guide, we’ll be referring you to your consulate for help. We can give you guidelines, but you must call your consulate personally.

Personal items. Bring any medications or prescriptions you take, as certain medications may not be readily available. Bring your eyeglasses prescription, have copies of all your medical and dental records and your children’s immunization record. Check the immunization requirements of your destination country. Having these details in order will save you headaches when you get to your new home.

Have our International Relocation Specialist assist you today.

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